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  • A ball point pen that has run out of ink makes a good stylus for trasferring patterns.

  • Use an old mousepad with the bottom side up to put your project piece on when painting. It protects the base of your project from the surface you are painting on and helps when you need to turn your project in various directions as you paint.

  • Your old mousepad can be given a fresh look - basecoat the top and paint it as you would any other surface. When completely dry, varnish with several layers of matt varnish drying well between each layer and voila - a new mouse pad!

  • Keep those empty 1.5 litre plastic soft drink or water bottles. Cut them about 5" (13 cm) from the bottom and use them as water containers when you paint.

  • Those tiny breakfast jam bottles are very handy for keeping unfinished paint mixtures etc. Also to bring mediums you need in class or when you travel with your painting supplies.

  • When the sponge in your wet pallete starts to break, i.e. rot, its usually time to replace it. But don't throw the sponge away. Cut it up into usable smaller pieces. Wet a piece and keep it near you when painting. They're handy to completely wipe off mistakes. Also great to use in place of paper towels to wipe paint off a "dirty brush".

  • Don't throw flat, round, angle or filbert brushes that will no longer do their job. They're great for stippling if they have gone really bad. Otherwise they are very handy for correcting mistakes. I would use these anytime instead of cotton buds.



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