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Tools for perfection

I’m not a perfectionist (who am I kidding? Of course I am!) but everyone makes mistakes when they paint. Some you’re happy to live with and others you feel you need to correct.

Although some painters use cotton buds to clean mistakes, I just don’t like doing so.

Cotton buds

I prefer to use a flat or angle brush in a reasonably good condition to clean my mistakes. The chisel edge of the flat or angle brush is a great help in straightening lines, for example.

If your “spare” flat or angle brush is now a little "bushy" and won’t give you a reasonably good chisel edge when you’re painting, keep it for stippling trees, bushes, little flowers or for removing whole leaves or flowers from your painting. If your “cleaning” brush is in really bad shape, its not a bad idea to buy a very cheap flat brush (get a #8 or #10). Keep it specially for correcting your mistakes.

Sometimes we need to wipe out a whole area because we don’t like the look of what we’ve painted, or we accidentally dropped paint or smudged our work – for this, a small piece of sponge does the trick. If your wet palette sponge has got holes in it, don’t throw it away. Wash it well and dry it. Then cut it up into smaller pieces like 5cm x 5cm. Every time you sit down to paint, wet one of these sponges and keep it beside you. You’re ready to wipe away any mistakes you might make.

Hello painters!

Welcome to Painting Matters. If you are a visitor to my website or if you have painted with me at the Artezan Studio in Malaysia, Dubai or Kuwait, then we have met. has been on the web since 1999 and has enjoyed a good following. For an art site!

Recently, I segregated the studio pages into a separate website thereby decluttering and now I’m converting the monthly student newsletter into this blog so that it reaches more painters.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this blog and participating in it to make it an active forum for the exchange of ideas and thoughts on decorative painting.

Enjoy, wherever you are!

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