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First Daisies at a Taster Class

The first "Taster Class" of 2010 was a great success. The girls painted the brand new "Girlie Daisies" project on an MDF plaque.

Being first-time painters, they were quite naturally nervous at first but the good thing about painting in a group is that you get to motivate each other and learn from each other.

Taking basecoating seriously..

Basecoating is always taught at your first class – I know it looks easy but trust me, its easy to forget that its one of the most important steps of decorative painting.

To get a good end result, we have to start right. These ladies soon learnt the trick to get their plaques perfectly smooth, ready for painting. Patience, patience, patience. Absolutely no shortcuts or your project will not look like an heirloom!

Concentrating....and PAINTING!

Confidence is important in decorative painting and at the first class its always necessary to develop confidence by practising brush loading and brush control.

OMG I did it! I painted my first daisy...

Once a reasonable level of confidence is attained, we start painting on the project. Of course, its quite natural to be a bit nervous. Its your first time, right? But when you see that first daisy take shape, believe me, its MAGIC….you are painting!

We painted these!

You might find it hard to believe, but everyone gets to finish their project on Day 2 of a Taster Class…these ladies thoroughly enjoyed it and are so proud of their work.

Big smile for the camera…..and CLICK!

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