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Make your own Brush Holder

One of the things you find you need, if you haven’t already got one, is a brush holder which will hold all your brushes and keep them in shape when you come to class or when you travel (yes, some of us take our painting kit with us when we go away! )

Brush holder

You can buy brush holders made of fabric or other material but I haven’t seen them here. You can also make your own. I’ve made my own in the past out of fabric and if you sew, you too can make this very simple brush holder.

Instructions for making this brush holder are at this Website. I don’t know how long these instructions will be available at this site but if you don’t plan on making it now, copy the page and save it for next time when you’re in the mood for some sewing.

You don’t sew?? Well, I guess you can pass on the instructions to a friend who sews and maybe she can organise it.

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