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Ostrich eggs for sale!

Some time back I wrote about painting on ostrich eggs. I haven’t painted another egg in a while but a couple of students had been asking me if I had any to sell. I didn’t – I only had one egg left and I had basecoated it….just waiting to be painted.

I honestly haven’t found a source from which to buy ostrich eggs in Kuwait! The last time I bought them was in a shop I found by accident in Sharjah when we lived in Dubai.

Recently, I saw some eggs and jumped when I thought I could stock up on my supplies of these unique surfaces to paint.

Ostrich eggs

There was only one problem: I was in a supermarket and these were in the deli section. They were fresh ostrich eggs!

Since I had never emptied a fresh ostrich egg before, I didn’t buy them, of course. I will just keep looking to find pre-prepared ostrich eggs LOL

But I found this video that shows how to do it in 3 simple steps:

1. drill it open on the pointed end of the egg
2. use a long stick (like a chopstick) to break the yolk and mix the contents
3. put a straw in the egg and blow the contents into a bowl


Then you need to fill it up slowly with tap water and clean the internal egg a few times. Leave it to dry and voila, you have an egg to paint!

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