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Hello Painters!

Painting Matters is the official blog of The Definitive Guide to Decorative Painting and Artezan’s Decorative Painting Studio, and as the tagline says, is all about the ART of DECORATIVE PAINTING DAY BY DAY.

Consider it a decorative painting newsletter of sorts.

In this blog I share stories about my own decorative painting experience, about students and their work and goings on in the studio. In the process, I also give tips and advise which decorative painters might find useful in their own painting journeys.

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Of course, being the Studio Blog, from time to time I also share information about classes, workshops and courses, events and new products available at the studio.

So check back often and I’d love to hear your comments. In the meantime, HAPPY PAINTING!

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  1. artezan says:

    [...] About Painting MattersPainting Matters. the art of decorative painting day by day. … day and is the official blog of [...]

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