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Learning decorative painting at Artezan Studios

Decorative painting is a universal pursuit and here in Kuwait, its no different – women of all nationalities paint on a regular basis at Artezan’s Decorative Painting Studio. For those new to Kuwait especially, this is a great way to make friends!

How is decorative painting taught at Artezan Studios?

Unlike traditional methods of teaching art, decorative painting at Artezan is taught on a projects basis.

  • Each project incorporates various skills and techniques and you can take decorative painting lessons no matter what your current level is.
  • You certainly don’t need any experience or art qualifications to start.
  • This tried and tested method of learning allows you to develop your skills at your own pace. You build your skills as you go along and apply knowledge and techniques learnt to each and every project you paint.
  • You are learning in a systematic way – not by trial and error.
  • Plus, because you are learning with other people, its relaxing and almost therapeutic!
  • Above all, its not intimidating, and that’s important in creating the right learning experience.

How to start painting

If you would like to start learning decorative painting, the best place to start is to join The Beginner Workshop where you will be taught your first project.

After your initial class, you can paint regularly by signing up for Weekly Decorative Painting Classes or you can join any of the Decorative Painting Workshops held at the Studio.

Contact the Studio today to start your decorative painting journey!! See you soon.

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