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Batik style

Batik-inspired on wood

What do you think I did after my taster class in batik painting in Malaysia? I tried to re-create the batik experience on wood of course – without the wax.

I found a couple of open tea boxes and decided on a simple design inspired by a batik outfit I love so much until this day.

I and imitated the batik look……and viola! I thought it looked pretty good.  Green and purple Batik tea-box

On the long ends of the box I painted a design which in traditional batik is called the kepala or “head”. The conical shape is inspired by the pucuk rebung or bamboo shoots.

 Green and purple Batik tea-box - another view  

I was really enjoying the experience that I painted another one in an equally bright combination of colours: pink and blue!

Blue and pink Batik tea-box

Blue and pink Batik tea-box - another view

This is a very simple project which a beginner decorative painter will be able to finish in an afternoon.

Batik painting – Malaysian folk art

Originally an Indonesian craft, batik has made itself at home in Malaysia.  As a Malaysian, of course, I will say that Malaysian Batik is the best in the world!

There are four ways of creating batik today: block-printing, drawn freestyle, silk-screened, or tie-dyed. While batik is produced and available pretty much anywhere in Malaysia, the best batik are those painstakingly hand-drawn by artisans in its true home in Malaysia – in the state of Kelantan.

Batik is traditionally created on cotton and silk. When hand-drawn, the design is created using a canting filled with liquid wax.


The fabric is then dyed with the first colour. The wax is then melted away by boiling the fabric in water and a second part of the design is drawn in.  After this repeated process, an intricate and beautifully coloured design is produced.

While in Malaysia on one of my trips back, I took a taster class in batik painting on silk and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Pink Hibiscus Batik on Silk Purple Orchid Batik on Silk

I can’t imagine painting metres of silk fabric but the 2 small projects that I painted was enough for me to appreciate the beauty and art of batik!

Next….batik on wood!

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