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Basecoating the back or bottom of your project

Don’t you get frustrated when the back of a plaque or the bottom of a box you have basecoated so nicely gets stained with paint while you are painting? I’m sure we are all careful, but “accidents” can and do happen. It’s difficult to clean and sometimes you’re tempted to scrub it but what happens instead? The basecoat colour comes off too. I know, it’s happened to me too.

Here’s something you can do so that any paint stains are easily removed: When basecoating the back or bottom of your project, paint the first layer of basecoat normally, dry then sand. For the second and third coat add an equal amount of varnish (yes, VARNISH!) to your basecoat colour. Mix well then basecoat as you do normally. Best to use your roller sponge. You can still sand the second coat but as usual, you don’t need to sand the last coat.

Even if you never get paint stains on your project, this is an excellent shortcut. You can use this technique also for the insides of a box, legs of a table etc as long as you don’t intend to decorate those areas. When you finish your project you don’t need to varnish these areas anymore, just concentrate on the areas you have painted the design.

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