The Definitive Guide To Decorative Painting, Folk Art and Tole Painting

The Definitive Guide to the Art of
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What is Decorative Painting?
People call it by many names - folk art, tole painting, rustic painting, country painting etc Find out what decorative painting is all about, what is painted and on what. Is it art or craft?
The Origins of Decorative Painting
Decorative painting as we know it today is by no means a new thing. It is steeped in history. How did it originate?
Traditional Folk Art
Contemporary Decorative Painting
Contemporary Decorative Painting
Explore features of some of the contemporary art of decorative painting today.
Traditional Folk Art
Learn about features of and explore some of the folk art traditions of various cultures of the world.

Learning Decorative Painting: FAQs
Get answers to frequently asked questions about learning decorative painting.

Faux Finishes in Decorative Painting
Learning Decorative Painting: Frequently Asked Questions
Faux Finishes in Decorative Painting
Discover how faux finishes are used in decorative painting.

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