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I don't know what I would do without my PDA. Did you know it stands for Personal Digital Assistant? And rightly so because it IS like my assistant - it goes everywhere with me and has my calendar (so I have my schedule at all times) plus tasks, shopping list etc). Also has my complete list of contacts. I can save documents from my computer (like list of paints, brushes, books etc) so I never buy the same thing twice. I also save pictures of my latest projects and I can actually show friends and other painters what I have been up to.

There are many brands available and right now I've switched to the Smartphone - a PDA and cell phone all in one. Even more indispensable!

If you haven't switched to a Digital Camera yet, you should certainly think about doing so - its really very useful for the decorative painter - not just for photographing your projects and archiving, sending to friends etc but for inspiration you come across when you're out or travelling. I'm never without my Digital Camera and this little Sony is perfect because it fits into my handbag and goes with me wherever I go. I never miss a Kodak moment ever! I also carry a spare battery with me so there's no excuse even if the battery runs out.

Video cameras too are indispensable for decorative painters - they used to be really huge and inconvenient to carry around on trips but now they are a really handy size and fits easily into a shopper. I take it with me whenever I travel and if permitted by stores, musuems or exhibitions I videotape. I talk while videotaping so that I always remember what it is that I'm recording!

You'll be amazed to learn that the latest Sony Videocamera fits into your jacket pocket or a small handbag...even more convenient!



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